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Shibuya is a focal point at which people of all ages and ethnicities gather at the forefront of originality and culture, where the entertainment never stops. Shibuya Fashion Week offers you the chance to see deep inside the fashion culture which serves as the axis on which Shibuya pivots. Held alongside Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO, one of the five largest fashion collections in the world, Shibuya Fashion Week shines a spotlight on both small local merchants and large scale stores, in cooperation with local authorities.



Tachikawa Fashion Week is a venture to revitalize and invigorate Tachikawa City through the culture of fashion. It is held in the cultural and social heart of Tachikawa City, stretching from Tachikawa Station to the surrounding businesses in Isetan Tachikawa, Lumine Tachikawa, Tachikawa Takashimaya, and Granduo Tachikawa.



Tokyo Leather Fair is a trade show with a focus on information about up and coming materials and trends. It strives to stimulate creators in the development of original works. It also endeavors to capitalize on these creative appetites by creating connections between new developments within the industry and expanding market demands. It is held twice a year, and is Japan’s largest materials exhibition. Tokyo Leather Fair strives to demonstrate the appealing qualities of leather to other business sectors outside of the leather industry, be they consumers, small shops, or large businesses. Tokyo Leather Fair is constantly working to further enhance its quality as an informative exhibition in order to better communicate the possibilities offered by leather.



Shibuya is a holy ground for street dancers, and so it is only fitting that the nation’s largest dance festival is held there. Shibuya Street Dance Week hopes to bring participants to Shibuya from throughout Japan and overseas, with the goals of creating a new culture that will be supported by people across generations, and of creating and sharing high quality entertainment. The schedule is filled with the irresistible allure of street dance, and you can enjoy by watching, by joining in, or simply by communicating.

Shibuya StreetDance Week


A performance created from the fusion of fashion and dance. The main dancers, s**t kingz and AKANEN, will be joined by over 30 professional dancers and models as they showcase the appeal of fashion through this fusion of fashion and dance.



Birthed in 2014, COME is an exhibition featuring eyewear from brands based within Japan and overseas. These brands have carved out a place in the market through their quality and design sense, as well as the passion they put into their products. The exhibition showcases innovative ideas within the eyewear industry, techniques which sales people can use to appeal to customers, and designs that will cause people to want to try out glasses on a whim. Here you can see top quality Japanese eyeware, items from globally recognized Japanese brands, and items by pioneering European brands. The combination of premium products and presentations will unveil the true possibilities of the eyewear industry.



The Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN is a rock festival fueled by solar power, with a focus on clean energy and peace.
All power used in running the festival is provided by the sun, regardless of the weather. Batteries will be filled by solar panels in advance of the festival, and will work alongside solar panels on site on the day of the event, so that the show can go on no matter what.
Enjoy the lush nature of Gifu Prefecture in the city of Nakatsugawa. Perhaps you’d like to camp out, or simply enjoy the wilderness. In addition, Nakatsugawa City has taken a hard stance as a city against nuclear weaponry. This festival is dedicated to creating an environment in which you can feel the true beauty and importance of peace.