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5MEDIT is a creative agency that operates within the FIVE MEDIA of Fashion Design,
Beauty, Music, Food.
To bring out the best of each element, we creatively EDIT
through the planning, presentation, and implementation of our customers’ needs.

graphic 5MEDIT concept
Event Planning ・ Produce ・ Operation ・ Direction
We plan, coordinate, manage and conduct business events, new product launches, press releases, parties, shows, and more.
Give the world what it wants, give our time what it needs, and we can create a new era.
Direction ・ Branding
Building a new brand, clarifying your vision and direction, or rejuvenating your existing brands whether they might be attached to individuals, companies, or groups.
Coodinate ・ Casting
We can provide you with the best cast for your project, whether it be cameramen, stylists,hair and makeup artists, models, artists, etc.
Cross Media ・ PR
Utilizing new, established, and cross media to their full potential.
Realizing new potentials in PR.